ParticleEmitter LightInfluence Bug

So I’m currently using ParticleEmitter’s LightInfluence property to give fireworks in my game a cool “glow” effect which can be seen below:

However, in my actual game these “glow” effects never appear for me even under the exact same Lighting conditions with the exact same code. After spending a few hours in studio I managed to replicate the bug happening during test play so I recorded it (I also published the place and tested it in online play).

You can see in the video that I walked out of range for the LightInfluence to render/work at around 0:27 and then as I walk back into range; the glow on the smoke particle emitters never appears again. The hat I deleted in the video had nothing to do with the issue I was having; only did it to make the view clearer.


Do your places happen to use different lighting technologies between them?

They both used Voxel lighting and I have tested under the exact same Lighting conditions.

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