ParticleEmitter size isn't matching what it's Size property is set as

A recent change has changed the behavior for ParticleEmitters, so that particles with a size of 0 still shows with ~0.005 studs size. For my purpose, I have particle emitters close to the camera, scaled down, to avoid cases of clipping with terrain and other 3D geometry.

This seems to happen 100% of the time - to reproduce the issue, create a ParticleEmitter with a Size set to 0. Then zoom in on the particles to see if they exist.
The bug has been observed to occour on the live build.


As seen in these screenshots, particles with a size of 0 shows up, while they should not.

The issue started happening within the last month.
ParticleEmitterSizeBugRepro.rbxl (13.0 KB)

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