ParticleEmitter.EmissionDirection = Center

I feel like ParticleEmitters are lacking only one major thing at this point: the ability to have them work like ROBLOX’s other built-in emitters such as Fire/Smoke/Sparkles.

Basically, a way to have all particles emit from the origin of the part the emitter is under would be fantastic!


But towards what face?

If speed is set, it’d probably just act like Sparkles do and go in every direction at once.

I guess that does kind of make it weird as an emissiondirection. Maybe this could be a boolean?

The direction should just be a vector.

Visual representation of regular Smoke (emits from the center of the part with no variance) and a ParticleEmitter (emits from any place in the part, which is a good default action but would be nice to have a toggle)


Or if center had an implosion effect. Currently to d something like that I have to resize be texture and tuck it away in a corner and go from size 10 to 0

Don’t forget dynamic particle angles so rain doesn’t go sideways when looking up.


The real solution here is to have a EmissionAreaSize and EmissionAreaCFrame for ParticleEmitters and to create studio widgets that allow us to edit those.

Also shape. Shape of the area would be nice. Like sphere.


this a million times

I don’t like the hacky way of having to scale a union to 0.01/0.01/0.01 to achieve this

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