ParticleEmitter:Emit will be filtered

ParticleEmitter:Emit() and ParticleEmitter:Clear() called in client will no longer replicate in a FilteringEnabled game.
We will make this change in about two weeks. Make sure to update your game if you are using this feature.


By chance is there a list of what all doesn’t get filtered because its very worrying that a lot of things I wasnt aware of can still get through regardless of FE even if its harmless.


a list would help indeed (:


I would assume that this was kept in due to the fact that if you are to use “trails” in your game, some developers may choose to use emit on the local side for ease of turning off / on trails amongst other things.

Of course I don’t actually know this, but it would seem to make sense as a precaution when implementing particles.

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Yes I am sure as well but there is lot besides particles that gets passed and none of it is listed anywhere.

We have a list of exceptions here:


This ruins one feature of my game and fixes one bug.
Im not sure how to feel about it.


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