ParticleEmitter's Color property is broken - not changing color

When I try to change the Color property in a ParticleEmitter, it doesn’t work. It looks like its changing in Properties, but when I click on a different object and back to the particle, it snaps back to the default (255, 255, 255), though it never visually updated the color I attempted to change it to on the particle itself.
this is happening in both a new baseplate and all my games (both local copies and team creates)
Here’s a vid:

heres the file in case it helps.
BrokenParticleColors.rbxl (21.5 KB)

good luck fixing roblock engineers and god bless xxxx
thank you!


It appears that if you click on the color picker icon in order to change the color, it won’t.

However if you use the SequenceEditor it will change the color.

This bug only effects Instances that have properties that accept <ColorSequence> as the value.


Refer to: