ParticleEmitters parented to Attachments get culled when the Attachment is no longer visible

Reproduction Steps

  • Put an attachment on a part
  • Put an emitter on the attachment
  • Make sure the emitter emits particles far enough away that you can see the issue
  • Moving the camera/frustum away from the attachments position until it is no longer visible
  • When the attachment is no longer visible, the parented emitters will no longer render

Place File:
CullingTest.rbxl (33.9 KB)

Expected Behavior

  • The emitter will only cull itself when the part that the attachment is attached to is no longer visible

Actual Behavior

  • The emitter culls itself when the attachment is no longer visible


  • Don’t parent emitters to attachments, just put it on a part that is the small possible size (0.001, 0.001, 0.001)

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


Thanks for the report ! Could you please provide a repro file ?

Alright, I’ve attached the place file below the video in my original post.

This bug is still around for particles… It also affects Beams but in slightly a different way. Some beams get culled when another beam is on covering them from the camera direction. The culling is weird as small beams can cover large beams objects (they are culled incorrectly) as well.

There is no workaround for the beam at the moment. I tried changing offset and everything, but nothing works beam gets culled incorrectly… The workaround for particles is very inefficient though.

If you view the beam from a faraway distance, they would all appear. if you look closeby some of them will be gone. all zoffset are at 0.

Heres a video demonstration of how beam gets culled even they are in vision…

Hello, We’ve been able to reproduce this and we’ll look into it. We’ll follow up when we have an update for you


this is also been a issue for me, some i have 2 attachments in my part, when the first attachment is off camera, the particles parented inside of it dissapears, while the particles in the other attachments doesnt dissapear

This problem causes visual issues in events in our game where we need the particles to be visible (e.g. for portals). Looking away from the attachment, even if the particles are big enough to be perfectly visible, makes them disappear. This creates a very unsatisfying visual experience during gameplay.

We tried doing this but it does not work.

This issue seems to apply to parts of any size, so as a temporary workaround we’re using a part with size 25, 25, 25 for the big portal in these two images. This, however, is not infallible and still has the same problem occur if the player moves their camera angle slightly.


I’m afraid that workaround doesn’t work either.

Here’s a video of me showcasing both possibilities:

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I’m sorry it didn’t work. I’ll forward these feedback to the corresponding team. Thank you!

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bump still doesnt work!!!

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