Particles not showing?

I emit the particles from an attachment, and they just don’t. Well, ONE particle emits.

I’ve tried upping the rate and everything, nothing works.

for i = 1, #explosionParticle do
	local explosionA ="Attachment")
	explosionA.Position = explosionPosition
	explosionParticle[i].Parent = explosionA
	game.Debris:AddItem(explosionA, Settings.Time*3)
	game.Debris:AddItem(explosionParticle[i], Settings.Time*3)
	explosionA.Parent = workspace.Terrain

Is this an engine bug?

Maybe it detects the terrain on workspace.

Looking at your code, you’re emitting 50 particles every loop. My guess is you’re hitting the particle cap. Try tinkering with how many particles you’re emitting and the lifespan of these particles.

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I’ll try this out! Didn’t even know there was a cap, tbh!