Particles render weird through semi-transparent parts

I want to make it so that particles become lighter/change tint slightly to part color when they go behind or into a semi-transparent part.
When the particles are rendered they do what I want them to do however only at certain angles.
Example of how I want particles to render:

Example of how I don’t want particles to render:

I was not able to find any solutions. The reason I want to try and fix this is so that I can make dust particles light up in the beam and possibly behind it.
ZOffset does help but in order for it to do much I need to set it to something like -30 which at that point just isn’t good.
Anybody know how to fix this?

There isn’t any way to fix this I’m afraid

The closest effect I could get to what I want was by putting a particle emitter in the light beam part and making it emit inwards.