[ Partnership ] Terrorists vs. Counter-Terrorists (LOOKING FOR A CODER)

Hey! I am currently looking for a coder to help make a Terrorist vs. Counter-terrorist simulation FPS. I’d like to keep this short as it’s not fun to read long boring passages.

Profit : Coding requires tons of work. I’m looking for 2 coders, you will split 70% of the game’s profit. 35/35, and if only 1 coder is to be hired, well you get the whole 70%.

(IF YOU’RE INTERESTED, ADD ME ON SKYPE! : technokobe) We can discuss more

I feel like my building capabilities good go to good use with a pro-coder.

examples :

You can look at the map for yourself!
(it’s not at it’s full FPS state, this was a modified version to reach expectations for loleris’ mad games)

Other cool builds :http://www.roblox.com/games/172779830/Humvee

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