Parts are different colors on server and client sides

I’m using some lightning effects made by @Quasiduck (his forum post on them: [Effect] v1.1 Lightning Beams: Seamless, smooth and procedurally animated with beam-like properties) and when I run the script it looks different depending on if I’m viewing it from server or client side. When I’m on the client side I cannot change anything about the bolt and it’s just random. But when I’m viewing the server side all the colors and shapes are how I intend them to be. I’m not changing anything between them. Any idea on how to fix?

ok so I figured out that if I parent it just to the workspace instead of the CurrentCamera it shows up for the client. Problem is that it still shows the aforementioned beam that I can’t modify. So how do I stop that from rendering?

edit 2:
so I figured that all out but now I want one of the parts that the lightning beam uses to follow the player. How would I do that?