Parts are not perfectly placed

I am trying to place my parts perfectly next to each other, but there are small, barely noticeable spaces in between them. How do I fix this, (without using a plugin like GapFill) and why are they there? Is this due to some Studio update?
My Snap to Grid value is set to .25 studs.
I have tried looking for similar issues online, but I have not found anything.

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Did you check the Part Sizes? it may be that one of the sides is smaller than the other or there is an opening.


I have this issue myself. It is particularly noticeable on parts that don’t have a clean increment. I’m fairly certain it’s just a Roblox problem with how Roblox stores part positioning. Maybe a float point error? who knows.

To reduce this I usually look at a parts position and make sure it’s something clean like 200.5 or 10.3 and not 92.482.

This is not a golden fix and if someone else has better advice, please chime in.


Originally, a few weeks back, I was trying to build something and I noticed the gaps. After some digging I found out that the orientation on some parts was slightly off (e.g 0, 0.003, 0) which was definitely a problem for me.

However, I have checked both the part sizes and orientations, and they are an ideal size, but the gaps still remain and i have no idea why.

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Strange, i have tried setting Wedges and parts up with the same snap and there doesn’t seem to be any gaps

their Orientations are exactly 0,0,0, only changes to Y and Z coordinates


One Solution i have may be to check your parts Size and Orientation before making what you’re going to make

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