Parts being unanchored on the client for no reason

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I want these parts to stop being unanchored for no reason

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Parts randomly unanchor themselves on the client.
No local scripts unanchoring it

Perfectly fine on the server

  1. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?
    None. Couldn’t find any solutions on the devforum.

This is probably related. Make sure you give it a deep-read.

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This isn’t really a Platform Usage Support question, more of a Studio question.

Do you have any new plugins or free models used in Studio? There could possibly be a malicious script in there unanchoring items.

If you select the items that are Anchored = false in the Workspace in a studio test session is the Anchored property true or false?

I’m not sure, but do items with Humanoids in them become automatically unanchored during gameplay?

Alright thanks. I disabled streaming enabled and now its fixed!

It wasn’t an issue with humanoids it was just a new thing Roblox added to streaming enabled for some reason.

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Are you able to share a repro place?

Did you actually enable ImprovedModelStreaming? It is disabled by default.

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