Parts glitching when not in a certain range

Hello, how do I go about solving this glitch?

The parts are not even in the same Y axis. They’re about 0.2 studs apart yet they are fighting with each other as if they’re on the same position.


I have tried changing the Y axis multiple times, changed its texture and materials. Nothing seems to fix it. It’s the same problem in the published game too. Is this just a limitation of Roblox or is it a glitch that is yet to be patched? If there is a fix, how do I do it?


try removing the decal/texture on the road, that should stop the parts from looking like they are colliding it. from my experience this is the only way to fix it


your parts are too low to the ground, try making them go up by 0.1 increment

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why would the parts go lower as you go further away?

It doesn’t

The position is just a combination of 3 numbers, numbers aren’t infinity precise. The computer has a certain limit of storage it can dedicate to a number (32 bits for roblox numbers). Now if you zoom out, the part display size becomes smaller and more accurate numbers are required to display it properly. And this is precisely what went wrong here, there just isn’t enough space to store such an accurate number leading to roblox thinking the 2 parts are the same position and thus fighting over which one to display.

This is a very plain and basic explination, if you wish to know more about why this happens, search ‘floating point numbers’

As for fixing this, you can’t. You can do what the others recommended and that will postpone the issue, zoom out far enough and it will appear again. But it should be a good workaround here.

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it is literally just the texture messing it up. the road is using a texture.

with texture:


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I’m not quite certain but I think the issue here could be the textures.

I’ve removed the road’s texture as shown here with a comparison.

This works for now I guess. Thanks!

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As stated in my original post, there’s a 0.2 difference in Y level between the road and road markings. If I were to go any higher, they won’t look like realistic roads sadly.

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That’s because the decal/textured part is too low into the ground so it collides with the other part. You would have to make the decal/textured part higher.

In my case, the textured part is the roads though. As said above, I can’t increase or decrease the height of the road markings, otherwise it won’t look like a realistic road anymore.

Ahh, okay. That’s my best shot, I can possibly try to figure it out, that’s just confusing as it never happened to me.

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I know that i am veeeeery late but in case of anyone still reading this is how i fixed it i used fix texture yea i know its not best way but whatever it works

here is how i fixed it

just make empty decal and change color and then textures are okay :confused:

sides will probably disappear but you cant see that from distance

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