Parts misaligned after upload

In studio all the parts are aligned correctly and there are no gaps between parts. However once I upload the place and enter it, specific parts are misaligned.

This bug only occurs when I enter a place that has been uploaded. Testing a place in studio doesn’t cause parts to become misaligned.

How I expect it to look. (state in studio)
What actually happens after being uploaded.

I don’t really know what is causing this issue, if anyone has a solution please let me know.



I was not able to replicate this. Let me know if you have anymore information.

Happens at around 2000 studs from origin, getting worse the further you are out, I can only assume it is float imprecision


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Dunno if this has been resolved or not but this is all quite simple the parts you have in the studio are misaligned meaning that the part nearest to it that it’s touching is also misaligned or it was built in the air and you didn’t use the move tool instead used the select tool to move the part around it can easily cause this effect and you’d be none the wiser unless you check the orientations.

Studio to game

Orientation differences