Parts not being shown

When testing my place in ROBLOX Studio, I’ve noticed objects not showing up visually.

  • :Destroy() doesn’t clear up visuals of object for seconds. Ghostttttt objects. Happens for tool unequipping too.
  • Sometimes a whole area of the map is gone. This is due to some replication gone wrong, as I can see parts from some houses being replicated. Physics works, but visuals are missing.
  • Often, NPCs and player characters are completely invisible, regardless of brick transparency.

I don’t have a repo file, but I do have a game file which has had this problem both on my laptop and desktop.
My version of ROBLOX studio (on my desktop) is

LocalTransparencyModifier is 0 as well - even waiting several minutes does not help loading any of the parts’ visual data.


Is StreamingEnabled enabled?

It is turned off

Do you use welds with changing C0 / C1 ? Doing that a lot can cause this issue IIRC, use motors instead for animations.


I use no welds, only Motor6Ds for NPCs and everything animatable in general. As for the character, I override the appearance using a model named StarterCharacter in StarterPlayer, as stated on the wiki.

I haven’t made changes that involves setting the transparency of bricks at all for the last few days, and in general it seems very unpredictable.

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This is caused when you change too many properties too quickly and the job list stacks up.


That’s one weird issue, I have to say. Disabling a bunch of scripts seems to have fixed the issue, so I’ll just be waiting till the place has finished loading before starting to enable small effects.

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