Parts on client are different than on the server?

Hi, I’m making a racetrack inside of a mountain but for some reason the road does weird.

Here’s a video of the problem:

and here is the model with the issue: Problems =(.rbxm (178.4 KB)

when editing the game everything is fine but when I play that one part is misplaced, everything is anchored.
There are no scripts either.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Alex

I don’t know how you’ve done this, but apparently the studio testing is the appropriate result.
In the properties it says the current Y value that is different to the other parts which would normally result in that kind of behavior within that part.

In any case, this may be also the cause of the 0.001 digit, I never tried going that far down.
Regardless, I’d like to suggest to using something in studio called Archimedes, it’s a plugin that allows you to place objects that are connected.

Update: It’s actually because your orientation is way too detailed, 0.01(or more 0’s) digits around that number just get rounded.

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Thank you, I’ll try gapfill, I used a plugin to generate roads but I guess it’s a bit buggy.

Thanks for the help tho.

I’ll mark it as solution once I tested it

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