Parts randomly blink/flash, disappear, or turn black on low end devices


I’ve found out that players on weak devices (like low end phones) are not able to play my game because it’s too laggy and their screen is flashing all the time (video below). Parts randomly disappear or turn black and you can see through the world.

I’ve also noticed that the screen starts to blink only if player’s camera is facing something complex like a model with lots of parts. There are also tons of frame drops in micro profiler. My first thought was that it’s connected to Untracked Memory but I couldn’t prove it with experiments. I need to mention that this is only happening in my game - I tried playing some other front page games like Jailbreak, Adopt Me!, etc and there were no signs of this bug.

I’ve checked that issue by myself on android phone (Samsung Galaxy S9) and on ios phone (iPhone 11 Pro) and there was a difference - this bug occurred only on android test (probably because iPhones have better CPU than most android phones). Both devices meet the minimum requirements for playing Roblox and both of them have the newest version of Roblox app.

I actually cannot repro this on a non-mobile device, because my PC is pretty high-end and I don’t have an Xbox One or tablet to test it by myself. But I got few reports that the bug occurs on tablets too. My friend who has a pretty low-end laptop (intel i3 1st gen and intel HD graphics from 2010) didn’t have that blinking bug, so I think it has to be something connected to phones and tablets. As I said I have no clue where is the source of the bug.

Link to the game:

Has anyone else experienced this blinking bug? Does anyone know what’s causing this to occur? Help would be appreciated a lot!

Video of blinking screen:


This is a bug I’m currently experiencing as well for low end players on Desktop. This must be a new engine bug.


I’ve also noticed this bug from a while back around 3 months or so on an iPad gen 6, with the latest version of roblox installed. Interestingly, this had seemed to stop after a little while. Unfortunately, I do not have an accurate explanation or theory on what might’ve been happening, but I do believe that it has something to do with performance for the mobile users.


This bug could pose an epilepsy hazard due to how fast the part are blinking.


I’ve been experiencing this too, I can play heavy roblox-games at full graphics on my Android phone without lag but there’s a lot of flickering and the device heats up rather quick (doesn’t happen on other mobile games like PUBG with HDR).

I’d also like to mention that this doesn’t occurs on all Roblox games.

I’m getting this issue too. Bit concerning that no reply has been made regarding it. Is everyone else still experiencing this issue?


This may be an issue with your device’s graphics processing unit; possibly indicating an outdated or damaged device.

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It’s brand new. I bought it 2 weeks ago specifically because my old one was outdated.

What specific tablet model have you tried it on?
Mines a Huawei MediaPad M5 lite (JDN2-W09).
I want to try it out on one of my older ones, but waiting for it to charge up.

I haven’t personally experienced this issue, however similar issues are caused by GPU errors; making it more than likely the root cause of this issue.

Huawei products probably aren’t of the best quality, which could indicate the issue being caused by faulty components.

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I tried running the 3DMark “Sling Show Extreme” Benchmark to see if it could be that. I did not observe this problem during the test running, only extreme stuttering (as I’d expect with a benchmark on a lower end device). The test at the end told me that my device scored 41% better than the average score for a device of my type.

Unless their is a specific reason why gpu usage would be faulty for Roblox but not 3DMark, I’m not convinced that this is likely the problem. Huawei are a very popular retailer, and came recommended from others.

Tested it on my older Asus tablet (which renders with Open GL 2) and it works fine.
Strangely overall performance is much better on my cheap phone than tablets.

Having this issue in my game as well on my S8. Only happening when I face towards a different part of the map, otherwise everything runs fine. Its very strange, but also concerning that this issue will probably happen when I release to the public if this is not fixed.

Happening on my game, tested on Galaxy A5.

Guess I can go ahead and stop perpetually fiddling with lighting settings then?

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this is possibly related to this bug report, but instead of the terrain glitching, the gui’s are glitching, this is very bad for epileptic people (like me)…

the link: Extremely Dangerous Flashing UI Issues