Parts sometimes phase through other parts?

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I’m creating a train bogie system which is designed to prevent derailments with PGS.
There is one, very minor problem which is more of an anoyance thing than anything

Train Bogie

The bogie on it’s own

The bogie on a train

Parts moving high speeds sometimes don’t respect collisions
My two questions is:

  1. Why does this happen
  2. Is there anyway to prevent it from happening
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Right now I don’t have an idea of how to stop this as it can get bery complicated to try and stop it but I do know why it happens and it happens because the workspace enviroment runs of the server heartbeat, so when its moving studio takes the velocity if the part and moves it in that direction by a certain percent every 1/60 or so, if the part is going at high enough speeds I believe it can cause the part to move right through objects, its an issue some games get when you have objects moving at higher then normal speeds like lifts and such, I don’t have an idea of how to fix it but at least you could take away why it might of happened from this reply.