Parts spawning differently for sever and client

This was taken in studio: 2022-05-01 11-14-56 GIF | Gfycat
and this is in game: 2022-05-01 11-16-17 GIF | Gfycat
The lightning beam is made out if parts (made by @Quasiduck his post: [Effect] v1.1 Lightning Beams: Seamless, smooth and procedurally animated with beam-like properties) and the parts are spawning more sporadically in game vs in studio. How come this is happening?

edit: I realized that in studio even though I’m playing and it seems the same as in game, it is actually run off the server (as in my computer is not handling the effects, but instead robox’s server is while still showing up as if it was client-sided [client sided effects showing up]). So how do I make the client update/spawn parts similarly to the server?

I suggest using to upload videos,

That way, it’d be easier for viewers to watch your clips without downloading them.

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Oh thanks for the suggestion. I’ll add that