Part's Transparency property not changing with Filtering Enabled?

What are you attempting to achieve?
I am attempting to replicate a part’s Transparency property when it’s changed via a script during the playing of a sound.

What is the issue?
The part’s Transparency property changes fine in Studio. However when I test it in an actual server, it does nothing.

In Studio

What solutions have you tried so far?
I have tried using a BindableEvent to call the function which controls the part’s Transparency from an external server script.

Hi, I need the script in order to fully understand and fix this error, mind replying with the code?

BindableEvents don’t go over the server/client boundry. Try using a RemoteEvent instead

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After doing that, and going through a test with the server emulator, I received this message in the output:
got this

After looking at the Wiki, I found out the properties of BaseParts don’t necessarily replicate to the server with Experimental Mode off.

Yes, with experimental mode off, changes made by clients typically do not update back to the server. This is a good thing for security reasons.

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Hello! I had the same problem making laser-lights and neon that changed to the music in one of my places. The simplest solution is to spawn all the things you need to change color inside the localscript. I myself just had the script iterate over all the things that needed to be clientside and clone them, deleting the originals, Once they’re spawned on the client, you can change the color (or transparency) at will per client.

As for multi-client sync, it’s generally a bad idea for a few reasons, and among them:

  • The audio will not be in perfect sync with all players, so if every player tells the server there was an update, the lights will just spaz out.
  • It’s slower for things like this to be calculated on the server anyways

In conclusion, I believe you should rework your systems to use per-client instancing for colored parts.

Edit: Keep in mind that things will no longer be directly accessible from the server once moved to local, so any communication will need to be done with values or something.