Parts vs. Meshes for Performance

What are you attempting to achieve?

I want to hire builders to make unique and interesting race tracks for me, but I don’t know whether I should hire a Studio Builder or a Modeler that uses software such as Blender. I expect my race tracks to have many assets that all come together to make an interesting environment. But I also want my race tracks to be as performant-friendly as possible. Would using Studio Parts and some Mesh Kits from the Toolbox be the best way to achieve this, or importing meshes made from blender that would utterly reduce part count.

What is the issue?

Below is an example of how detailed the tracks will be. Screenshot taken from Mario Kart 8.

What solutions have you tried so far?

The main feature that I’m focusing on is making the curved parts. For example, in making an up-ramp, I would put together parts and increment their angle by 5 degrees until I reach my desired angle of the ramp. What is more efficient? Using multiple parts or using a single mesh made from blender?

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For background parts of the tracks, I would personally go with using meshes as meshes will support LODs which should massively help with performance. For the actual track, I’d assume using regular parts (for the ramp portion) is probably fine, but I don’t think using meshes for that hurts, so long as the collision doesn’t become as issue (as sometimes happens with meshes).

I would definitely hire someone with a strong background in Blender for a lot of those background assets, but you might wanna go the built route for the base of the tracks so it’s easier to modify and work with.


I will definitely go with the blender mesh route for the background assets. As for the track, I think I would still use blender meshes to get the smooth turns, ramps, and corners. As for the collisions that may becoming an issue, I plan to make everything non-collidable to reduce their need of any physics simulation and make the boundaries of the track as transparent, collidable parts.

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You can use whatever you want, but if your map will be very large, it’s probably a good idea to use SteramingEnabled.

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Thank you so much! I thought this thing was turned on my default lmao. TYSM

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If your looking too reduce lag/tris. Highly going with meshes would be your best bet. Obviously what the developers should do is work in studio then import it into blender and reduce the amount triangles making it only one mesh. If your looking for a whole race track made in blender I highly suggest going with the modelers using blender. With using blender you have too decimate or make the meshes packed different which can take a massive amount of time. I would say getting a developer making it in Roblox studio then reduce in blender. Good luck!

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