Parts when in playtest and ingame become offset while in studio they're fine

I am working on a map for a game, and obviously I’ve tested my map in game and in studio.
Parts are becoming offset, I’ve compared the properties of the part in studio and in playtest and they are the exact same, no scripts are in the game which could be affecting the part, and when the part that is being offset is unioned to others, those parts are also offset.

I have no idea what could be causing the issue. I have encountered others in studio communities who have the same issue but none who have found a solution. Here are some images for a better understanding of what’s going on.

The collisions are also being updated, and it’s occuring with other parts in the game, but on a lesser scale.


You may have missed the scale setting, try to equalize the part a little more and stretch it a little bit.

What scale setting? I’ve noticed that a scale property was added to models, but the part isn’t in a model, it’s in a folder.

I’ve recently just noticed that ingame, the orientation property seems to be rounding itself up. The part I took a screenshot of’s studio and in run mode orientation is -179.961, but in playtest and in game the orientation becomes 180.

Now that I’ve noticed this, I discovered that it’s a bug called Brick Shift, and another DevForum post on it here.

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exactly its so annoying. I think its because of the way roblox processes floating point errors in positions and orientations sometimes