Party System should be brought back



Currently chat groups are missing the controller/game button that allows you turn a chat group into a party.
This is what chat groups currently look like, for me and several other users i’ve contacted who have also attempted to make a party.
This is what the chat groups top bar is supposed to look like.

This is a issue because it makes playing roblox places with your friends much harder than it should be. While normally you can get 5 friends into a party and then join a place/game and it will either find a sever to fit all of you in, or make a new server. in order to get into a game with your friends you have to scroll down the server lists to the bottom (which can mean going through hundreds of servers) and then yell at them to join you as soon as they can. I personally experienced having to do this last night and it was not enjoyable and took up a lot of time.


Hi chesse20 – thank you for the report. We have actually replaced parties with a new way to play with friends. See this tweet for a brief summary of the features:

Basically, you can see what your friends are playing and join them directly in chat! This feature also has cross-platform support between iOS and desktop, and we are currently trying to add in Android support as well. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback about this feature. We are definitely planning to make improvements, especially regarding the discovery of this feature.


The new system works with games if the servers for this game are something like 50 player with a preferred player count of 45, but in the instance that i had with my friends, we had 5 people and were trying to play a game with a max player count of 7 and preferred playercount of 7, which would have made it impossible for us to get into a game together if it wasn’t for the fact that we were all in a discord voice chat together and were coordinated 20 something year olds.


It is definitely tough when the game has max player count = preferred player count, and we’ve been shipping some changes to encourage devs to leave slots so players can more easily join their friends.

In the case where there are no slots reserved, we will also be looking into whether we can reserve slots preemptively. Overall, the new system has a much better success rate for game joins compared to parties, even with 5 people.


Parties being removed has made it much more annoying to play games with my friends, and nothing good was put in place to replace it that was as consistent as parties.

Can this be moved to #platform-feedback:web-features, and the title changed to reflect wanting parties back?


Yea, not a huge fan of this change either. Parties made it so easy to play with friends as it reserved slots so everyone could fit in, but now it’s just a shortcut to clicking the Join Game button on their profile, which wasn’t what parties did. Parties let you join games as a group, but now it’s much more tedious and every user has to find a space and manually click to get in.


We are looking into adding reservation functionality to the Play Together system, which should resolve your concerns. Let me know if there is anything else I missed.


Just spent an aggravating ~10-15 minutes trying to get a small group of 3 people into one server. Used to be able to get a group of 5+ people playing together within a minute because the game would just start a new server when the leader pressed play.