Pass icons not uploading correctly

Link to the pass: SILVER - Roblox

OS - macOS intel
First experienced - every since the site was updated
Importance - not very important, I’m just a protectionist when it comes to small things like this

This may also apply to subscription icons, product icons, etc, haven’t tested those

Thank you for looking into this and sorry for bothering you

Repro steps:
1 - Go to a game in
2 - Go to monetization > passes
3 - Change icon of one of your passes or create a new one and add an icon
4 - At least for me, there are visual artifacts, like for example, a white line spanning the right edge of the circle, it goes outside the bounds of the circle. the pass icon on the right was updated recently

Can you please provide the image that you uploaded for the gamepass (or a generic image where the issue also occurs)? It may be related to the image contents / the resolution of the image.

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.