Passion - Welcome Guide

Greetings! We are Passıon, a Roblox Group which is your go-to if you need any developing help.

Passion is a group where anyone with any knowledge on developing can go, and express themselves in what they love doing. We offer tools to help anyone with their games, a game with scripting knowledge which is update once per month with all new and exciting things, and walkthrough games with step-by-step guides to help you make your dream experience.

We don’t just help with Scripting. We help with all roots in development, through experienced developers.

We offer help to all these areas:

  • Scripting
  • Modelling
  • UI Making & Scripting
  • Building
  • Animating
  • And much, much more!

We want to inspire and teach the next generation of Roblox Developers through our group, and experiences. We want to allow anyone to express themselves, through the Roblox platform and show-off what they want, and can do.

We offer a vast amount of help for any developer in any region of development. Our experienced developers are able to help you, and/or any friend to learn Roblox Development.

Walkthrough Experiences

We want to create experiences that allow the developer to learn, whilst watching what the object of development does. For example, a walkthrough scripting game will give step-by-step guides as to what the developer can do and how to do it. This same example applies to multiple fields of development.

We want our walkthrough experiences to show the developer what needs to be done, whilst viewing how it is done. We want developers to be excited about what they have to do and how to learn how to do it. Our main objective is to teach whatever needs to be taught.

Our Main Experience

Although it’s still in development, our main experience will primarily host tutorials in multiple fields of development, where the developer can see and read what they must do, and how to produce that result. This experience will house beginner, to advanced levels of learning, depending on how the developer wants to learn.

Here’s our Roblox Group: Passıon - Roblox

Thank you for reading.