Password reset emails aren't sending to one of my accounts, possibly due to invalid username characters

Hi, I emailed support about this issue, but, like usual, they didn’t understand me. Since then I’ve realized why this might be happening. Basically, for one of my emails (which I will PM to a staff member if needed), neither password resets or username reminders seem to be able to make it through, and I’ve tried everything, making a contact, checking my spam folder, etc.

This is a bit of a risky topic for me to discuss but, back in 2012, if you created an account with an inappropriate name, the mods would terminate you and make your account name ‘[ Content Deleted (Number) ]’. Because I was a dumb, immature 10-year-old, I made a few of these, one of which has the Verified Sign. I’ve moved on from doing those things, of course, so I hope this doesn’t tarnish my reputation.

What I’m thinking is going on is that when I try and request a password reset, the message is composed, but the brackets or spaces cause an error and it can’t send the email. If possible, I would like this very obscure, niche bug to be fixed so I can try and recover some more of my old, non-deleted accounts. Thank you.

EDIT: To add, I almost lost one of my first accounts (FriedChicken302) to this password reset bug. The account with the verified sign is named [ Content Deleted 25314755 ], and I think it is linked to the same email.

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