Password reset prompts “Passwords do not match”, even though the passwords do match

The password reset option prompts “Passwords do not match”, even though I’ve tried the password when logging in and it was successful, I’ve copy-pasted it and wrote it in manually 3 times to no avail.

I just noticed this bug today. The reproduction steps are simple: write in “Current Password”, write in “New Password” and then write in “Confirm Password” and it says that passwords do not match. Why is the order messed up anyways? Why isn’t it Current Password > Confirm Password > New Password?

The bug happens on the website in the settings tab.


This happens on a firefox browser.

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There is no bug here. You’re probably confused and thinking you need to confirm your old password.

This is the layout:

The last box is for confirming your new password. There’s no sense in them asking you to confirm your old password.

You might want to file a feature request for adding spacing between the top box and the bottom 2 boxes instead, so that it is more clear which password you have to confirm. (although, this is a standard layout for password resets)


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