PasswordGen - Bulk Generate Passwords with ease


Bulk Password Generation

I’ve created a basic plugin which allows you to generate hundreds of passwords with ease


I created this for fun and the code is not the best but it works if you need to generate passwords for whatever reason (well any random strings).

It creates a script where you can copy the list of passwords and you can change how each password is separated.

Currently, it’ll only create a maximum of 2 scripts (for when it reaches the string limit) but I will be adding support for it to create as many scripts as needed so you can generate tens of thousands of passwords

Please make sure that your PC can handle generating the amount you would like to generate as large amounts may crash studio.

Install Plugin

Let me know if you find any bugs or need help with it!


This is probably a thread better suited for #help-and-feedback:cool-creations because

  1. Regardless of your intentions, passwords are serious business and using and generating them from a Roblox plugin probably isn’t the best idea. Promoting it as a resource that can be used isn’t a great idea. There’s also stuff like this that is much more suited to be classed a a resource rather than a creation.
  1. Why is this even a plugin? It doesn’t even help with Roblox development in any way
  2. Studio isn’t even meant for this type of process, as you eluded to:

This uses math.random, which is a rather horrible way to generate random numbers (in this case as indices). You should use a more “random” generator that utilises os.time(), or even better, DateTime.Now().


um. why should we use this other than the ones on google when you search for a password generator

How is this related to Roblox development at all? Why would someone need a password generator plugin?

I recommend using ones on google rather than this

I made this for fun and decided to release it to the public

Some uses in studio could be if you wanted to generate a bunch of gift codes for a simulator game or something.

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Use could be this:

I guess it’s just a convenient way to get some passwords or random codes.

Well, in that case this may be useful not gonna lie, since it would be pretty boring to keep tabbing between studio and a password generator. But for things like that I would prefer this to be a simple module or even better a command-bar script.

A while ago I made a plugin which saves all your studio settings, the plugin itself is not a plugin but a script that you can run at the command bar, the script will generate all the needed info. You could do something similar, instead of making this a whole plugin (which is not bad) just make it a single-line code that prints a table with all the passwords, it would be much more convenient from my point of view.

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HttpService:GenerateGUID():split("{")[2]:split("}")[1] -- removes brackets

or something like


would be better for random codes.


HttpService:GenerateGUID() has a parameter called wrapInCurlyBraces. Therefore, doing HttpService:GenerateGUID(false) will remove the need for the split additions.

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