Past few weeks of work in one post!

Hello mates, my name is Hydra, I have been developing for almost 3 years now on roblox.
Over the 3 years I covered the following aspects or sections of development:

  • Modelling
  • GUI | GFX
  • Building
  • Rendering
    [Note: Before checking the picture, the planes there were made by a group, they werent made by me, I credit them for the incredible beasts!]
    I will showcase my skills here except for GFX and GUI but also a few clothing [Except Male one].

I would like if you all can express what you think about my development/builds.!



I try my best to add Realism in my work which can be the strong point of what I do.

Do let me know your opinions!

My contact information for tips or suggestions:
Discord: ItzHYDRA_YT#0101
Roblox: Hydra_RBLX @ItzHYDRA_YT