Paste has a slight offset issue

In case you copy an object(s) (say, a part), then select another object(s) (a part as well, for example) followed by pasting the copied object(s), studio will try to paste the instance on the position of the last selected object(s), so that the center of the copied object(s) will match the center of the last select object(s). Now this works alright, only there is a slight inaccuracy with it.

Green: Pasted
Blue: Repositioned using properties

Most useless reply 2016:
Have never encountered this since I use CTRL+D for pretty much everything


can totally relate


Most useless reply 2016 part 2:
Every once and a while when I crawl out of my scripting cave and attempt to build, I rediscover CTRL-D and it’s the greatest thing ever.

Useful part:
I’ve encountered this many times myself, it does seem to seek to the previous position.


@Elmuowo I use CTRL+D often too, but as a builder I have “previously created” assets, where I have them stored in one place and need them at the center of another part, causing it to be a real pain sometimes having that small inaccuracy.