Paste text in line chat roblox with code

Hello everyone.) I need add text in line chat roblox. I looked many post, but don’t find something. Maybe you know something about it?
I can make it with code???


Have you tried chat service:

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No men, this service dont work with text input field.

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If you want it, you still could check in roblox studio simulation. Just look into the bot player gui and search for it. Or else, if you have enough knowledges, you still could create your own ChatSystem (don’t forget the censorship function or roblox won’t be happy)

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I don’t want to create my Chat System.(this so long). I need just easy function how this do?

Hi. You are unable to edit the chat-bar’s textbox due to it being registered as a core-gui. This is purposely to prevent malicious users from trying to send messages as players.

If you instead want to still do that, use a custom chat-bar module like the many listed on the devforum.


I am very sad about this.(( Thanks everyone.