Pasting models into team-create causes massive freezes

Repro: Join a team-create with a lot of parts & scripts then copy/paste a model with a couple parts in it. For some reason almost always I’ll get like 3 seconds of lag/freezing even though I’m on a decent connection & my PC is beefy.


I agree, this issue is really getting annoying. For example, when I’m working on a module for say like special effects that only occur on the client-side and was attempting to move a particle in a folder, a fellow developer move a model that had like at least 7-10 parts into studio and then it took 5 seconds just for studio to respond. And my internet is fairly good.

Almost makes me think the frame is waiting until all the data is sent or something… who knows?

It could be but it wasn’t this bad. A lot of things in studio been breaking randomly lately. Think it could be one of those short-time bugs? Or maybe roblox services are acting up again

Is this still happening for you? I can’t seem to reproduce it locally