Pasting user's name into group payouts does not work

Ok, so I admit, this is rather nit-picky, however it confused me the first time it happened for a solid few mins and tends to be a minor pain to me in on a daily basis, id also assume its relatively simple to fix…

Basically on the payouts screen, I, like most devs(I believe) copy and paste the payout recipients name when I wish to pay them for a commission or whatever the payout is for.

(This never works for right click and for some users it does not work for ctrl + V (from what I can tell this is on safari only))

Screen I have mentioned:

When the name is posted you get a cool little loading dropdown for a few seconds and then it just disappears as if the user does not exist, when of course they do, this is fixed as show in the following gif:
(For those of you that cannot view, you just delete the last letter then re-type it)

As I said it is nit-picky, however it is a daily inconvenience many developers have to endure and a quick fix would be appreciated.


Hi! Thanks for the report. This is because we listen to keycodes (not necessarily changes to the content of the input field). I’ll make a ticket for this and update you when it’s fixed.


Hi! I just tried to reproduce this but wasn’t able to. Is this still happening for you?
Edit: I right clicked to paste and the dropdown / results didn’t show up, but ctrl+v has no issues for me :thinking:


The same thing happened to me a long time ago but with me, I had to change my username so that the group would recognize me.
It literally appeared as if I was not united in my own group.

different issue i believe :eyes:


Did a bit of repro testing and got some interesting data:

First few repros:
Ctrl + v did not make the dropdown show up, however deleting the entry field text then pasting with ctrl + v again did make it show up

Next few repros:
I open and closed the payout window a few times and every time I used ctrl + v and it reliably showed the dropdown

After more testing I believe I found a correlation between how long the payout window has been open and wether or not the dropdown shows up. Which may mean the issue is more with loading times then pasting, and pasting simply filled the text field faster then the page could load.

(Im also on Mac so my paste key is slightly different so that may effect it)

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