Pastriez Bakery Alliance Guide

This document details the requirements, expectations, and the
questions needed to form an alliance with Pastriez Bakery.

Alliance Guidelines :memo:

The information below will set the foundation for any future/current alliances. We expect every ally to be able to meet our requirements and if they are broken, it can lead to termination and possible blacklist for future alliances.


  • Must have over 5,000 group members
  • Must maintain a good reputation within the ROBLOX platform
  • Good standing between both groups
  • Must have at least TWO Discord Representatives willing to join and represent their group
  • Must have Discord and game activity throughout the day


  • Staff must maintain a professional and mature attitude while in the Pastriez Discord and Pastriez group games
  • Our events must be announced in your Discord server at the times requested

Alliance Questions :thinking:

The following questions should be submitted to a Communications Officer on a Google Document with the VIEW link.


Group Name:
Group Link:
Group Discord:

  1. What made you decide to ally with Pastriez?
  2. Why should Pastriez ally with your corporation?
  3. How is your group different compared to others?
  4. How can Pastriez Bakery benefit from the alliance?
  5. How can your company benefit from the alliance?
  6. Will your company be able to maintain activity within our alliance? Explain in further detail.
  7. Do you agree to maintain a strong and successful alliance between our two groups?
  8. Who will be representing your group in the Pastriez Discord server?

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