Pastriez Bakery Public Handbook

Welcome to Pastriez! :cupcake:

“Come Bake with Us!”

Pastriez is one of the most successful ROBLOX business groups on the platform! Come to our bakery to experience several of our food options or work among staff members to take and complete orders. Pastriez was founded in 2019 to provide a unique experience and efficient development to the restaurant industry on ROBLOX.

Important Links

:link: Pastriez Group
:link: Pastriez Twitter
:link: Recipe Guide

Bakery Rules

Violating any of these rules can lead to consequences depending on the severity. That includes being kicked, banned, or permanently banned. Please note that we don’t give warnings; in most cases, you’ll be told to stop once and removed from the server if you continue!

  1. Trolling: Trolling refers to the act of engaging in disruptive or malicious behavior.
    Trolling may include but is not limited to:
  • Sending offensive or inappropriate messages
  • Exploiting game glitches
  • Intentionally disrupting gameplay
  • Ordering items that don’t exist
  • Standing/dancing on counters or tables
  • Abuse of ROBLOX 3D Layered Clothing (Enlarged 3D Clothing)

Moderation Action: Kick, Ban, Permanent Ban

  1. Spamming: Spamming is the act of sending unwanted, often repetitive, and unsolicited messages or content

Moderation Action: Kick, Ban, Permanent Ban

  1. Bypassing: Bypassing is the act of bypassing the Roblox chat filter to convey inappropriate or prohibited content, avoiding ROBLOX’s intended restrictions on language and behavior.

Moderation Action: Permanent Ban

  1. Exploiting: Exploiting on Roblox refers to the act of using unauthorized game vulnerabilities or cheats to gain advantages, manipulate gameplay, or disrupt the normal functioning of Pastriez, violating the terms of service of ROBLOX.
    Exploiting may include but is not limited to:
  • Glitching through walls
  • Modifying Humanoid properties such as WalkSpeed or JumpPower
  • Flying

Moderation Action: Permanent Ban

  1. Racism, Homophobia, or Sexism: Displaying racist, homophobic, or sexist behavior either verbally, within your name, or in articles of clothing is not permitted.

Moderation Action: Permanent Ban

  1. Death Threats: Death threats are explicit and serious messages or statements that explicitly threaten someone’s life, causing fear, intimidation, and distress.

Moderation Action: Permanent Ban

  1. Leaking/IP Leaking: Leaking refers to the unauthorized disclosure or sharing of private or sensitive information, while IP leaking specifically involves revealing one’s internet protocol (IP) address, potentially compromising online anonymity and security.

Moderation Action: Permanent Ban

Pastriez Management reserves the right to moderate ANY players or staff members to maintain a safe and inviting community.

Rank Information

The information listed below goes over the duties & abilities of every LR staff member as well as what ranks are considered a LR, MR, HR, Corporate, and President! Please note that LRs do not have administrative abilities or authority over other staff members.

Classification Ranks
Low Ranks (LR) Pastriez Peep - Kitchen Leader
Middle Ranks (MR) Staff Assistant - Assistant Manager
High Ranks (HR) General Manager - Executives of Administration
Corporate Corporate Intern - Presidential Assistant
Presidential Vice President - President

Low Rank Duties

  • Trainee is a trial staff rank at Pastriez. At this rank, you have the ability to take orders at the bakery, but must attend a training to rank up.

  • Cashier is the first official staff member rank at Pastriez! You have the ability to take orders and the option to rank up to Chef.

  • Chef is the rank that makes all the orders sent by Cashiers. As a Chef, you are to make orders, replacing the ability to take orders.

  • Senior Staff is the first rank to have both abilities of taking and making orders.

  • Kitchen Leader is the second rank to have both abilities of taking and making orders, similar to Senior Staffs. As a KL, you are able to assist at trainings when called in the Pastriez discord server. This is the final LR rank and you have the option to move up to Staff Assistant (MR).

How To Rank Up

The information listed below explains how you are able to rank up through LR ranks.

  • Guest ➜ Pastriez Peep: Upgrade from a Guest to a Pastriez Peep by joining the group here.

  • Pastriez Peep ➜ Trainee: To become a Trainee at Pastriez Bakery, you must pass the automated quiz at the Pastriez Quiz Center.

  • Trainee ➜ Cashier: If you are a Trainee, it is very simple to rank up to Cashier! All you need to do is attend a training session at the training center and pass.

  • Cashier ➜ Chef: You need 50 worker points to attend a training session at the training center and pass.

  • Chef ➜ Senior Staff: You need 150 worker points to attend a training session at the training center and pass.

  • Senior Staff ➜ Kitchen Leader: You need 250 worker points and click the “Check rank” button once you have that amount of worker points. Try rejoining or contacting a Supervisor+ if you have the right amount of worker points but you’re still unable to receive your rank.

Worker Points

Worker points are points obtained from working at the bakery! These points are essential for reaching point requirements when ranking up. There are quite a few ways you are able to earn these worker points at Pastriez.

  1. Taking orders: All ranks, excluding Chef, are able to take orders behind the counters! Every order submitted through the cash register gives you a worker point. Point cheating, submitting orders to those who didn’t order, will result in point removal to 0.

  2. Cleaning tables: At Pastriez Bakery, we have a cleaning table feature where you are able to clean any dirty tables visible within the bakery. You simply click on the dirty table and a worker point will be earned.

  3. Mopping spills: Spills spawn randomly across the bakery. The mop giver is located next to the training session board in the staff area. If you successfully mop down a spill, you should be rewarded with one worker point.

  4. Making orders: All ranks that are Chef+ are able to make orders inside the kitchen. Every order made and sent through the chef board gives you a worker point. Point cheating, purposely sending the wrong orders, will result in point removal to 0.

  5. Point Multipliers: Point multipliers are given from purchasing the x2 gamepass or x5 gamepass. They multiply the amount of worker points you receive from doing any of the activities above.

Purchasing worker points: You are able to purchase worker points at the bakery by pressing any amount of worker points you want to purchase under the Buy Points label on your screen. If they do not appear, simply rejoin or open a support ticket in the communications server (if applicable).

Staff Assistant Applications

Staff Assistant Applications come out on the first of each month and are open for 2-3 days. Once applications close the Human Resources Department will review them and release who passed within a few days. When they open, the application can be found in our communications server. To gain access to the Staff Assistant application prior to the other Kitchen Leaders, you should have the Verified Staff gamepass.

Training Information

Currently, our training sessions are at the same time every day at our training center. Please note that sessions can be canceled due to events or holidays at any point; you’ll be notified if they are by the group shout!

Join 15 minutes early! Sessions open up 10-15 minutes before their scheduled time. Multiple servers will be created if needed. Sessions start at the times stated below.

Time Timezone
12:00 AM Eastern Time (ET)
3:00 AM Eastern Time (ET)
6:00 AM Eastern Time (ET)
9:00 AM Eastern Time (ET)
12:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)
2:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)
4:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)
6:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)
8:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)
10:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)

Bakery Assistance

The following information will go over how to call an MR and how to use the bakery assistance channel! For more information about response pings, refer to the channel called #emergency-response in our communications server!

How To Call An MR

To call an MR type “!help” in the chat at the bakery. If there are MR’s in-game, it will contact them. If there are no MR’s in-game, the game will notify you to use our #bakery-assistance channel in our communications server. Make sure you include their username, the server you’re in, evidence, and ping either low, medium, or emergency response depending on the situation. Before pinging anyone check #emergency-response channel to make sure you’re pinging the right role.

How To Use Bakery Assistance

To use the #bakery-assistance channel, you must be a staff member at Pastriez. You may become a staff member by going to the Quiz Center and passing the quiz to get ranked as a Trainee.

If there’s a troller in your server, use the format in pinned messages and ping Low Response. If there’s an exploiter or bypasser, you may do the same thing but ping Medium Response. High Response is only used if the President’s account is hacked or a massive raid occurs (15+ people).


Do not use the bakery assistance channel to have normal conversations or spam ping as it will result in a removal of the server.

Ban Appeals

Have you been falsely banned from our discord/bakery or have an old ban you want removed? We now provide ban appeals through Google Forms! Please note that the form may be closed at certain points due to an overflow of responses, if they are, you must wait until they open again.

The google form cannot be posted on the DevForum due to ROBLOX terms and conditions. Please visit our communications server for the form.

Requirements & Guidelines:

  • You may only get accepted to appeal once. After that, you will not be allowed to come back.
  • Try to be as detailed and thorough as you can when answering questions in this application.
  • Lying or telling misleading information can prevent you from applying in the future.
  • Once you have applied, allow at least 2 weeks for your appeal to be processed and handled.

Alliance Information

We’re always open to making new alliances! As stated in contact information, the Communications Department handles all topics related to alliances! This can include requests, reports, and inquiries.

The alliance handbook cannot be posted on the DevForum due to ROBLOX terms and conditions. Please visit our communications server for the form.

Contact Information

The information below entails the roles of each department, who’s in it, and how to report any staff member.


The following are members of the Presidential Team. Contact them for information on sponsorships, developing opportunities, and other inquiries that don’t fall under Human Resources or Communications.


VICE PRESIDENTS: Bonaparte1 and voxtrix

Human Resources

Contact any of the officers stated below about concerns or questions regarding staffing management, handbooks, reports, or general applications.



  • Veritxy
  • acsette
  • averylea1
  • beforespirit
  • yourfavhiispanic
  • fhraudd


Contact any of the officers stated below about concerns or questions regarding alliances, Pastriez events, or general communications with the public.

LEAD OFFICER: mayastyIes


  • gcsette
  • czrdigan
  • jcsette
  • EII4z
  • aleviqs

How To Report Staff:

See a staff member breaking our rules or acting improperly? Let us know! The information below details who to contact to report specific ranks.

Reporting Low Ranks (LRs): To report low ranked staff you can ping Low or Medium Response in #bakery-assistance depending on the severity. If you would like to report them in private, DM a Staff Assistant+ to help you handle the situation. Please note that only a Supervisor+ can demote low ranks!

Reporting Middle Ranks/High Ranks (MRs/HRs): To report an MR/HR, DM a member of Human Resources with their username, the reason you’re reporting them, and proof! Human Resources is the only department that handles MR+ reports.

Reporting Corporates: To report a Corporate, contact their department lead or co-lead! You can refer to our contact information section or check their Discord roles for one that indicates which department they’re in.

  • EX: Corporates in Human Resources would be reported to tcsette. Corporates in Communications would be reported to mayastyIes or aisfuls.

If the Corporate you’re reporting happens to be a department lead or co-lead, please contact a Presidential Team member!

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are commonly asked questions that customers and staff members have asked. This is to help out any confusion that you may have working here. If you have any further questions that these do not provide, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the management team.

How do I join the Pastriez group?

You can find the Pastriez group by clicking the creator of this game and it will lead you to the Pastriez group page. After that, press the big button labeled “Join” to join the group.

Where can I find the session times?

You can find our session times in the description of the Training Center, this document, and at the bakery. You can also check the session board in the staff room near the kitchen.

How do I work here?

You need to join the Pastriez group. You can find the Pastriez group by clicking the creator of this game and it will lead you to the Pastriez group page. After that, press the big button labeled “Join” to join the group. Once you do that, go to the Quiz Center and take the quiz. If you pass, you will become a Trainee and you will need to attend training to become a Cashier.

I am a Kitchen Leader, how do I become a Staff Assistant?

If you’re a Kitchen Leader, you will need to take our application located on our communications server when they are open. Another way is being a Kitchen Leader to have a chance at being recommended for amazing work-ethic. However, if you are caught hinting, it will decrease your chances of getting promoted and could get you demoted if consistent.

Do you hire people based on their looks?

We do not hire people based on their looks. We hire people based on their work-ethic, activity, and so on.

How do I find the Training Center and/or Job Center?

You can find the Training Center and/or Job Center located on the Pastriez group games.

How do I work the register?

You need to go to an available register and click on it to claim. After, you need to type in the customer’s username and click “Enter”.

Is grammar required at the Training Center and Pastriez Bakery?

Low Ranks are not required to use grammar at the bakery nor training center. However, Kitchen Leaders assisting at trainings are required to use grammar.

Can I have safechat as a worker?

Yes, you can have safechat as a worker. Having safechat doesn’t affect you in any way.

What if all the registers are claimed?

If all the registers are claimed, you can either wait for an available register or go to another server.

What do I do if there’s a troller or exploiter?

Trollers receive a reminder to stop before an MR+ is contacted. This gives them a chance to stop what they’re doing. If there is an exploiter, they receive no reminders. You would immediately contact someone to pban them with proof.

What time do I join trainings?

You should join trainings at xx:45 to get a spot.

I would like to form an alliance with Pastriez, how would I do that?

You can form an alliance with Pastriez by answering the questions provided in the Alliance Document. You must send the answers in a Google Document and contact a Communications member (refer to the contact information section).

I am banned from the bakery, how can I get unbanned?

If you were server banned from the bakery, your ban will be removed once the server restarts! Although, if you have been permanently banned, you may send an appeal located in ban appeals above.

I passed trainings, but I wasn’t ranked. What should I do?

If you passed trainings but weren’t ranked, do not worry! You should try to contact the staff member that passed you as soon as possible. If you can’t, you may contact someone higher and they will look to see if you passed.

Thank you for choosing Pastriez! Please contact a corporate member if you have any additional concerns or questions. :heart:

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