Pastrify | Code of Conduct


The Pastrify Code of Conduct section lays out the ground rules for our business. These rules were put in order to keep the community safe and happy. Failure to obey the following regulations will result in your removal from our company!

1. Respect

Our mission in the Pastrify community is to ensure that everyone is viewed with dignity, and we want everyone in our community to treat each other with complete respect. Since we have a young audience, we want Pastrify to be a healthy, enjoyable, and welcoming group. Anyone who disobeys this law will be dealt with immediately.

2. Attire

When it comes to being a part of the Pastrify culture, we encourage everyone, including staff members, to express themselves. This does not include trolling clothes, particularly if you are a staff member; we ask that you do not dress inappropriately. If you are seen wearing offensive clothing while playing one of our games, you may be removed from the game and, if you are a staff member, you may be demoted.

3. Advertising

If it isn’t linked to Pastrify, advertisement is strictly prohibited. If you are caught advertising within the group, on the community server, or even private messaging anyone on our server, you will be kicked out.

4. Inappropriate language/Spamming

Racism, bullying, and homophobia are all examples of inappropriate language at Pastrify. If you are biased against a group of people, harassing them, or being homophobic, you will face severe consequences. Please keep swearing to a minimum. Spamming the group wall, bakery, or community server will result in consequences.

5. Terms of Service

When adhering to Pastrify regulations, you must also adhere to ROBLOX’s terms of service, or face a temporary or permanent ban from the Pastrify group.

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