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The Pastrify General Information section contains important details about our business. Our corporation’s target is included, as well as a list of our President and Corporate Officers! Feel free to contact one of our fellow Corporate members mentioned below if you have any complaints or questions!

Presidential Members:

Corporate Officers:

  • Chief Employment Officer: @lightyns
  • Chief Creativity Officers: @floriqs & @nots4vannah
  • Chief Moderation Officer: @Jativez

Our Corporation:

Pastrify is a new business that focuses on providing our customers with pastries that are made with pride and compassion! By introducing modern, unique systems and much more, we aim to make a difference in the ROBLOX food industry. Despite this, we live by the slogan “Putting Pride in Every Pastry,” as this is our primary objective. We want to ensure that every customer has a positive experience with our business. Why don’t you give us a shot? I’m sure you’d enjoy it!

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