[Patched] People able to follow me into subsections of my universe

Was patched – going through my old bug reports to make sure I mark patched ones as patched :slight_smile:

People are supposed to go through the start place of a universe and shouldn’t be able to directly enter a subsection of the universe. However, I had someone follow me straight into the subsection, completely bypassing the start place. Is this supposed to be able to happen?

The subsection is inactive, friends-only, a 50-player-server, a game place (not a personal server), copy locked, and not BC only.

The start place is active, open to everyone, a 20-player-server, a game place(not a personal server), copy locked, and not BC only.

Could any of those settings be causing issues? Also, if it is intended for people to be able to follow users into subsections of universes, how can I prevent people from entering the subsection entirely (not kicking them with :Kick(), because they still join the game that way)?

Some of the subsections of the universe I would like to have open to all, while one in particular I would like to have only myself and a couple other people have access to the place. I only teleport people into the place if they are one of those few people, but other people on my friends list can completely bypass that by following me into the universe.

help me :frowning:

I remember this from the Winter Games, DevBonnie once decided to follow me to Breeze Krieg. :stuck_out_tongue:

What? I could have sworn that you were never able to follow people into universes. I remember people complaining that they couldn’t follow their friends into the egg hunt past Easter.

At the start, we could follow, but then it was removed when the winter game was flooded, instead of people going to the lobby.

I hated going back to that lobby. I must have been in that lobby sixty times. The game ended or crashed and we all had to pile back there, walk 2 minutes, attempt to use the ski lifts without them breaking and teleporting into the middle of the forest…

But it looks like that feature has been re-enabled again. Is there any way to prevent people from following others into subsections of the universe that you know of?

Give the player a good DataStore value right before they teleport between games. If a person doesn’t have that value or it’s outdated, that means they followed someone - and so kick them (;

They’re still entering the game that way – I already have a script that kicks people if they aren’t one of the select few I wish to be able to enter, but I’m just not comfortable with people being able to enter the game when I don’t want them to – even if I do use :Kick() on them.

This is definitely not expected. Hopefully it gets fixed.