Path Creator Plugin

This is my first plugin! With it, you can create simple fences and gates, along with lines for art and dots for lights and such. There will be more customization and functionality in the future, but I just learned how to make a plugin a few hours ago, so I’m still a noob to it.

Here’s some examples of what this can do:
(Gates on a volcano)

(Fence around a pond)


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It would be even more helpful if you gave a quick explanation of how to use it.

I am excited to try it out, nonetheless. This seems like it will cut down the time it takes to make open-world maps. Wonderful idea!

It’s very simple and straightforward - just click create path, place keypoints by clicking in the world, (there’s a controls menu in the plugin menu too), press R to undo a keypoint, press T to snap to a 10-stud grid (will be customizable in the future), and click complete when you’re done. It will ask for what you want to fill the selection with afterwards.

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That’s perfect. No matter how simple, a short explanation like that helps users figure out the controls quicker.

Works nicely, love it!


Looks very interesting :eyes:

I will for sure have to give this a try some time!

I haven’t tested it, so it may already do this, but it’d be great if their was a setting for ‘invisible walls’ that prevents you from climbing over the fence.

Plugin update: Invisible Walls option added to fences. To update the plugin you have to visit the site again.

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