Path object missing API documentation

The path object only lists 1 property (Status) and 1 function (GetWaypoints) excluding members inherited from Instance, yet it’s description lists additional functions and events not present in the api table.

I was able to locate 2 of the missing members; Blocked event, and ComputeAsync, but I’m unsure if there are more members not hyperlinked from the pathfinding tutorial or the path object’s description.

The Path object’s navigation header denotes it as a standalone class (API REFERENCE > PATH), however Path’s member pages denote Path as a child of Pathfinding ('API REFERENCE > PATHFINDING > PATH) yet the hyperlink for Pathfinding previews as javascript:void(0)

As a result of this; it is somewhat frustrating to use PathfindingService as a lengthy tutorial article must be read to account for the missing/mixed up member documentation.