Path toolbox plugin [Beta V2.2] - A lightweight path/cutscene creation tool


Introducing Path toolbox, a lightweight and easy to use plugin that lets you easely create and use bezier paths for multiple things.


Create long bezier paths with ease.

  1. Path creator
  2. Cutscene tool
  3. More tools may come in the future

This plugin let’s you create cutscenes and use it to move parts along the paths using external scripts. Using splines the creation of paths is easy and intuitive. The possibilities are limited by you imagination.

Reporting Bugs

  1. You can reply to this post with the bug you found using a video or explanation
  2. Or you can send them in my discord, in the channel path-toolbox-bugs
    Discord Server: lol7's Portfolio

This is the link for the donator version. Everyone that buys it gets credit and a role in my discord. (100R$)

This is the link to the free version. Currently they have the same tools but that may change(Standart tools will stay) you can buy this to test it out.


It’s very useful for creating smooth movie shots, good job!