Path2D instance in place file corrupted the file / fails to open again

I added a Path2D object to a place (loaded from a file), saved the place to a file, and it no longer opens with the error: Failed to read Path2DControlPoints: Unexpected end of file while reading bytes. The Path2D also did not render or open the curve editor after I added it (so I saved and tried to re-load the place). It works correctly if I create a new place and add it to there. Place attached in private. If possible it would also help if the place could be recovered without the Path2D as it contains lost work.

A private message is associated with this bug report

Hi, can you disable the Path2D Instance beta and try to open your corrupted place again. Thanks

That worked! Thank you very much :smiley:

Thanks, a fix is coming soon that should fix the issue with the beta featured enabled as well.

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