Pathfinding doesn't jump when pressed up against wall

I am using Roblox’s pathfinding service and I notice that if the NPC is up against a wall, it will fail to compute any jump actions for the waypoints so that it knows to jump to get to the next stair. It seems like it treats it as if the NPC is already on the next stair (when it isn’t).

Any ideas on how I can fix this? I’m thinking I’ll just have to raycast infront of the NPC to see if its up against a wall but that will require me constantly checking which isn’t best for performance.

If I space the stairs out more (so that wne the NPC lands it still has to run up) then it works fine.

There does seem to be some sort of auto correction that if it is stuck for about 10 seconds then it automatically jumps but that really isn’t ideal as if the NPC is chasing a player, and then gets stuck for 10 seconds it ruins the fun.