Pathfinding humanoid runs in loops occasionally with pathfinding

When I pathfind a humanoid npc to a location occasionally the waypoints it calculates are overlapping over eachother back and forth in a loop making very slow movement progress. This only seems to happen when I make the humanoid pathfind long distances (700+ studs away target destination). I have done some research and I have been unable to find any information on this issue so help will be appreciated. (Watch the video attached for more info)

  1. try fiddling with the AgentRadius agent parameter
  2. try setting your waypoint spacing in your agent parameters to math.huge
  3. try increasing the time between creating waypoints

if none of these work, would you mind also sharing a bit of your code of the loop?

It’s got to be creating waypoints as the monster, in this case is trying to get to a point in the shortest way possible, Maybe to fix this, decrease the AgentRadius and you could place down parts near the intersections of the map.

The monster could choose a random point around it until it spots a player, then it could go straight for it.

I dont fully know about pathfinding so i hope this could help fix some issues :slight_smile:

I have found the issue. This only happens when roblox studio is debugging and showing the path the humanoid is taking. So i guess its just a studio bug…

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