Pathfinding Limit?

Im having an issue with my large scale pathfinding. The map is not changing, the point the enemy has to go to is not changing. The only thing that changes is the path params Costs table.
I thought it could be the Costs table, but every time a path is failing the Costs table is completely changed and it attempts the path again. Sometimes the enemy moves perfectly fine 5-6 times in a row, and sometimes randomly the enemy spawns and just wont move at all, and sits on a constant loop of computing broken paths. I have seen the enemy compute paths multiple times in every area of the map. Is there just a max distance limit to pathfinding?

This is the primary path compute, and its returning nil error only sometime.
Its erroring when it calls ComputeAsync.

function ComputePath(v,model)
	local possible = {"Plastic","Neon","Grass","SmoothPlastic","Glass","Foil","DiamondPlate","Metal","Granite","Brick","WoodPlanks","Slate","Wood","CorrodedMetal","Marble","Concrete","Fabric","Pebble","Sand","ForceField"}
	local pathParams = {
		AgentRadius = model.HumanoidRootPart.Size.X,
		AgentHeight = model.HumanoidRootPart.Size.Y*2.5,
		AgentCanJump = true,
		AgentCanClimb = true,
		WaypointSpacing = 4,
		Costs = {
			Climb = math.random(45,75), -- climb my bois.
			Water = math.random(25,75), 
			Danger = math.huge,

	for i,v in pairs(possible) do 
		pathParams.Costs[v] = math.random(1,100)
	local newpath
	local success,err = pcall(function()
		newpath = G.pathService:CreatePath(pathParams)
	if success then
		local function compute()
			v["Path"] = newpath

			local success1,err1 = pcall(function()
				v["Path"]:ComputeAsync(model.HumanoidRootPart.Position, v["TargetPart"].Position)

			if not success1 or v["Path"].Status ~= Enum.PathStatus.Success then
				v["Path"] = nil
		v["Path"] = nil
	--if v["Path"] == nil then
		--if not v["FailedPath"][v["TargetPart"]] and model:findFirstChild("friendlyHandler") == nil then
			--print 'not in the table yet.'
		--	v["FailedPath"][v["TargetPart"]] = true
	--	end

Enemy creating a proper path on spawn.

Enemy getting stuck on spawn

The area just below.

The objective area he is pathing to.

Really need some help on if theres a way to somehow trick the game to increase the amount of nav mesh loaded, or maybe this is just a studio thing? For now im going to just have to change my maps layout and give the AI an option to get up thats near where he spawns.

I just set him to follow me, and sat on this platform :

I noticed that the only ways he can get up to me have not loaded on the navmesh. So i believe im definitely hitting some sort of distance limit. Once i move around the map and load the areas in he can get to me no issue…

These are the 4 areas that haven’t loaded in the nav mesh, these are the only ways he can path up to me on the platform im on.
area 4


Once i move him closer to one of these areas, he immediately can path to me on the platform.

I’ve added this which fixed the issue, but if anyone knows how to fix or make the nav mesh fill the entire map. I’d appreciate it