Pathfinding NPC gets stuck in corners of doors

Recently i’ve been working on my SCP game and making SCP 106 (Old Man) and i’ve created topic on pathfinding, everything works however when the SCP has to pathfind around corners and doors it likes to get stuck i’ve tried changing the agent params but that doesn’t seem to work neither.

Here is an image of what happens:

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You can change the agent radius higher when using computeAsync. Path:ComputeAsync

can u put ur script in this thread so we can possibly help?

Assuming you are using the Roblox provided Pathfinding Service, the Path:ComputeAsync method has an optional radius argument which it will consider when calculating turns and such! You should increase this proportionally with the size of your NPC.

Thank you lot for replying I will definitely try all your ideas.

@Abcreator and @lxuca I’ve tried setting the agent radius to 4 which is the span of the NPC but it still seems to get stuck.


The walls aren’t thick enough.

I tried making them thicker but it still does not work.

Maybe his Humanoid Height ? Correct me if I am wrong I am not sure tho.

I’ve tried that and it still doesn’t work. Oof.

It seems that the NPC is getting stuck in the corner all the time.

NEVERMIND! I think i just needed to remove the little gap in between and it worked! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this post.