Pathfinding only on walkways

Hello i’m trying to make NPCs only walk on pathways and not go on grass/road etc

Is there any way to do it without using collision groups or do i have to use collision groups?


Edit, Question 2:
Also is it better to create pathfinding on server / on client / or on server drawing it around players character?

For your first question have you tried to add more waypoint so that the NPC doesn’t walk on the grass or is it something in your script if so please share it.
and for the second one, the client-sided way is more lag efficient

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Like you mean invisible parts on intersections and end locations? That coul work, only problem i have with that is how to make script find it’s “way” to next invisible path what will lead to destination?

here is a quick tut on how you could do that

Yeah but that doesn’t help me with my issue with NPCs walking on grass

here is a another one maybe this one will match you needs more

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Yes that was exactly what i was looking for!