Pathfinding service returns an unfinished path [REPRO]

Pathfinding Problem1.rbxl (19.1 KB)

The pathfinding script is included. You have to move one of those bricks in order for the path to possibly generate as you would expect. The end node is filled in on both ends, as you can see, the gap it leaves behind is just great.


This actually isn’t that rare of an issue. One of the things I noticed when working with the pathfinding service is that it is often unreliable, specially when you change the agent parameters or the can jump property.

It often fails to generate a complete path even when it is obvious that there is one.

I’d love to see the pathfinding service recieve more love, as it currently isn’t as good as it could be.

I hadn’t noticed until now. The Agent parameters didn’t help either, just slightly moved the line.

I ended up “patching” this by looping through the waypoints and inserting spaced out nodes of my own for huge gaps. I havent seen a path generate like this with a gap that wasn’t a straight line

I took a copy of your file and did a few changes to see what effects I could conjure up.
The file is here.
ReproPathfindingProblem1.rbxl (22.7 KB)
Gives an interesting view on the paths that get generated.