Pathfinding Tutorial doesn't have all the up to date parameters

AgentCanJump is missing (


Added AgentCanJump to the Pathfinding article! Thanks.


The Path:ComputeAsync method has a code snippet which indicates there is some additional parameters that can also be passed which are not listed on the Agent Parameters section of Path:CreatePath.

I am unsure if those extra properties actually do anything (they may not be enabled yet), but it would be good to either

  • remove them from the list if they don’t work yet
  • add them to the other sections docs which reference AgentParameters if they do exist and document them

If those new methods are live, can they also be added to the Pathfinding article?

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I belive you need to make an new Topic for this, however I think you can use them

Why make a new topic when this is the same problem?

Also, what makes you believe you can use them? I tried doing this through a Baseplate project and was unable to get the material weighting to work.

Actually seems as though this is a dupe of Need more information on agentParams! Sorry!

Feel free to move my posts over to that thread.