Pause menu/map screen

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So I’m planning on making a 2D platformer game similar to the Metroid games but I don’t really know how to implement a pause/map screen like in those games. I was thinking of maybe adding something like a BoolValue for when the game was paused or not, and having everything else go off of that, but that’s not working very well; nothing seems to update when I change the previously mentioned “paused” value.
If there’s any better way to do this, please let me know.
Thanks in advance!

Are you changing the BoolValue’s Value from the client’s side (local script)?

If so, that would be your issue there. Any instance’s properties being changed on the client’s side will never replicate to the server.

However, if you were to fire a remote event (client → server) and have that change the BoolValue, the value will be replicated across the game.

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